François THESE General Manager of Entreprises Métalliques LONCLE (EML) really wanted to give his testimony regarding his partnership between both companies. EML, company over 100 years old, has a great experience in steel work: metal building, boilerwork, form and ironwork.


Q1 - M. THESE can you introduce your company?

EML is a metallic builder specialized in manufacturing industrial buildings, production of forms, concrete molds and industrial ironwork buildings. The annual production is 2500T. The 18000m2 workshop includes an output hall, framework hall, painting hall, storage hall and a shipment hall. 20 overhead cranes are dispatched in the different position of the workshops.


Q2 - One year ago you ordered overhead cranes with AMIO, at the present day what is your opinion regarding that investment?

We are happy with our choice which proved to be in consistent with our needs.


Q3 - How did you hear about AMIO?

The first time AMIO acted was to put in an industrial paint installation with the company GCP a few years back.


Q4 - You asked to different overhead crane suppliers a price quotation, what type of technical and /or commercial factors helped you make your choice?

Yes, we consulted 3 suppliers. AMIO offer was at the first round technically more interesting and financially well placed. A visit to one of our customers, industrial smelter and AMIO equipped, convinced us about the quality of the solutions and materials proposed by AMIO.


Q5 - As part of your activity, at what time did you have the use of your overhead cranes?

Everyday, all the time. Parts handling is a crucial factor of our productivity.


Q6 - Will this investment change the way you are working?

Not really, the new installations are replacing old ones. We gained in reliability and comfort (radio controls). The redistribution of the lifting capacity in the different halls allowed us to rationalize and improve the flows.


Q7 - Did you gain in productivity since using the new overhead cranes?

Yes. We clearly improved the material flows with an impact on the productivity.


Q8 - Were you in touch with AMIO different department (commercial department, research department, etc…)? What would you say about AMIO organization, competencies, reactivity and files follow up?

Yes. The contacts were at all time good and efficient.


Q9 - If you get a chance to talk with your co-workers or colleagues about your investments, would you recommend AMIO Levage to them?

Yes. It’s already the case particularly in the group that EML is part of.


Q10 - Aware of our great assets in our type of activity, we still have to make few improvements. But overall, what is your satisfaction level with AMIO?

Our satisfaction level is really decent. On the technical advice plan or on the reactivity to answer our estimates requests, the service provided is really good. Maintenance interventions on site and after-sales services are really good as well. The relation with the technicians is very well.



Don’t change, remain modest and economical while keeping up the quality, we are ready to work again with you.


François THESE – General Manager of Entreprises Métalliques LONCLE