A quality electric wire rope hoist from a leading company

The DRH electric hoist in all its versions

DONATI electric wire rope hoist

As with all products manufactured by DONATI, the DRH electric hoist provides the most advanced and innovative technologies by integrating processes worthy of the great industrial period, thus enabling them to achieve economies of scale to produce highly reliable equipment that benefits from innovative technologies.


They are made with modular components meaning that manufacturing is quicker, more economical and above all, reliable in all formats, whether standard or special.


To optimise the maximum range of the lifting hook, while ensuring minimum lateral obstruction to the hoist, the set of basic components that are the electric motor, the gear and the drum are assembled together coaxially, that is to say the motor is directly fixed to the lifting gear. This itself is fixed to the end of the hoist frame and the spline shaft coming out of the gear is fixed in the grooved bore which is also at the end of the drum. Everything is assembled using high-strength bolts. This type of set, important both for hoist efficiency and safety, is possible thanks to the compactness of the lifting geared-motor, which combines both high efficiency and maximum reliability for the DONATI electric wire rope hoist.



High quality DONATI electric wire rope hoist

The perfect symmetry of the drum is specially constructed with right and left grooving, enabling the positioning of two geared motors, doubling lifting speed for identical capacities and keeping the lifting axis vertical. This solution is extremely well suited for machines with a large hook path.


On the opposite side of the lifting gear, the drum can be fitted with equipment such as a screwed lifting limiter, encoders, a cam selector, but also a safety brake and other accessories.


As for the DMK electric hoist, it has great versatility and there are four performance modes:


Fixed mode:

This is the basic configuration, equipped with eyebolt suspension. It can be either fixed or suspended from its support.


Use with electric DST/N trolley:

The DST/N/S trolley from which the DONATI electric wire rope hoist is suspended is for use with monorails and single-girder cranes. The DST/N trolley means that it is a normal height trolley, which positions the hoist under the girder of the crane or the monorail. The DST/S trolley is articulated. It is for normal heights like the DST/N. Its articulations allow it to move along the monorail curves.


Use with electric DST/R trolley:

The DST/R trolley is, like the DST/N only for use with straight monorails and single girder cranes. The DST/R is a reduced height trolley, which means its bulk is minimised and to enable the largest hook range possible.


In this case the trolley is equipped with two round bars to move the DRH electric hoist for fixed use. The free and motorised flanges are adjustable. The possibility of removing or tightening them means that the distance can be adjusted according to the width of the roller beam. A counterweight is positioned at the end of the round bars and on the opposite side to the hoist, balancing the weight of the eccentric hoist.


Use with bi-rail electric drive trolley:

The DRT bi-rail trolley is designed to accommodate either the DRH electric hoist in fixed, suspended, longitudinal or transverse versions.


The steel frame making up the trolley is equipped with four rollers, two of which are motorised and the other two of which are free. The rollers, in stamped carbon steel, are mounted on permanently lubricated ball bearings. It is also equipped with derailment and anti-swing devices and four damping buffers fixed at the end of the two end-carriages. Driving is achieved through a conical rotor motor equipped with an automatic brake. Starting and braking are progressive with one or two speeds and a pendulum-style reducer with helical tooth gears, permanently lubricated in an oil bath.


Transmission of the second roller is achieved using a transmission rod coupled to the gearbox. The bi-rail trolley means that the maximum range of the DONATI electric wire rope hoist can be reached.



The DRH electric hoist

The DRH electric hoist

It is designed in the same way as the DMK hoist with modular components, allowing for quick and economical implementation while meeting business and quality requirements. It is mass produced according to