Overhead crane box girders

AMIO Levage overhead crane girders

AMIO Levage overhead crane girders

Our OMIS overhead crane girders can be made in two ways, either rolled section or box. The choice is based on the use, scope, capacity supported and FEM classification (European Materials Handling Federation).

The rolled section is a commercial product, while the box girder is completely manufactured by OMIS.


The technology developed by OMIS for the manufacture of overhead crane girders has greatly contributed to the success of the brand. Permanent and rigorous research into new technologies and manufacturing methodologies helps to improve quality and reduce costs. OMIS has not hesitated to invest heavily in new machinery since 1967, the date of its foundation.



Undisputed leader in the overhead crane market

Undisputed leader in the overhead crane market

Relying on its team of engineers, OMIS internally develops its production lines and its automatic welding machines needed for the construction of box girders that form the various structural elements of overhead, gantry and semi-gantry cranes for lifting and handling.


Over 20 years' involvement and the extensive experience of the team has enabled OMIS to position itself as European market leader in lifting and handling.


An impressive fleet of machines is complemented by automatic welding machines, such as bench plasma cutting benches, blasting machines, paint tunnels, drying ovens, various machining lathes, grinders, machining centres equipped with autoloaders and geometry benches for assembly. All are equipped with digital controls.


OMIS annually invests in modernising its fleet of machines, meaning it maintains its elite position in the lifting and handling market.



The design of the box girders

The design of the box girders

Walls are welded onto the baseplate that stiffen the girder. The positioning of these walls is carefully calculated by the engineering department according to the technical elements defined at the beginning of this chapter.


Two sides are welded to the baseplate and the upper part under the upper plate, so when closing the box, the standard FEM classification for box or rolled section girders is A5., A junction plate previously machined at the same time as those of the supporting girders is welded to the end of each girder on a geometry bench. The geometry is performed on digitised benches and welded using submerged welding robots.


All plates making up the box girders undergo blasting before being welded. The finished girders and beams will pass through a paint tunnel paint for final treatment with "yellow Alkyle ecological anticorrosion paint" RAL 1006 of 60μm thickness. All welding is subject to regular inspections by an approved agency at regular periods. OMIS has the capacity to manufacture as standard overhead cranes with up to 70 tons capacity with a maximum range of 32m depending on capability.


The design and manufacture of overhead, gantry and semi-gantry cranes with a capacity superior to 70 tons has always been part of the history of the company and can be testified by hundreds of projects in sectors such as steel, generator production, power plants, shipbuilding, plastics, forges etc...


High capacity or far-reaching overhead cranes are designed with bolted joints to facilitate transport and packing into 40' Open Top containers.


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