OMIS overhead crane

Single-girder overhead cranes

Single-girder overhead cranes

Their lifting capacity is up to 10 tons with a maximum span of 25m. Whether fixed or suspended single-girder overhead cranes, they are all equipped with an electric chain or wire rope trolley hoist, for either reduced or normal headroom. The hook range can reach up to 14m, with a choice of two lifting speeds of 4 m/min or 8 m/min. The approach speed is achieved using a SCHNEIDER variable speed drive.



Standard double-girder overhead cranes

Their lifting capacity is up to 60 tons with a maximum range of 32m. Double-girder overhead cranes with a capacity of less than 3.2 tons, all are equipped with an electric wire rope hoist trolley. From 3.2 tons to 10 tons, there is a choice between an electric wire rope hoist trolley and a lifting winch trolley. Beyond this, double-girder overhead cranes are equipped with hoisting winches witha a capacity up to 60 tons.



Single-girder and double-girder overhead cranes

The great flexibility of standard overhead cranes

All OMIS single-girder or double-girder overhead cranes, whether fixed or suspended, are entirely fitted as standard with SCHNEIDER variable speed drives. When we say entirely, this means for lifting, in long/cross-travel and regarding the specific overhead crane in gyration.


This control system provides the user with great flexibility in lifting and handling operations. The desired speeds are adjusted according to production needs directly from the variable drive controller. The mechanics are no longer strained, greatly reducing curative maintenance actions. Frames no longer bear the brunt of sudden starts or braking.


Nevertheless solutions with double-polarity motors are available on request.



Overhead cranes that are made to last

A standard A5/M5 construction corresponding to EMF (European Metalworkers' Federation) standards and for the most widespread industry sectors it is possible to manufacture standard A6/M6 cranes.