Fix DMK electric hoist

Fix DMK electric hoist


Palans electriques a chaine DMK

Some of the handling doesn’t need to be moved horizontally. The fix DMK electric hoist as it definition tells, has lifting movement only, up or down with one or two speeds.


The installation of a DMK chain hoist with fix suspension require a hanging point on the frame of the building or an independent structure which can be a metal, concrete or wood structure of a building. This electric chain hoist can be installed as well on a C profile jib crane and on the jib cranes with articulated arms which don’t have a hanging point at the extremity of the last arm.



 Palan electrique a chaine chariot canal C

When this fix DMK electric chain hoist is put together on a PROSYSTEM light handling system or on "C" canal jib crane, the trolley receiving the electric chain hoist is including in the planned supplies with the modular tracks which are specially built for this type of tracks.


In every instance, before to install an electric chain hoist, you have to verify by a professional the stability of the stand. This verification will be confirmed by a certificate of conformity.


The hanging point of the DMK electric chain hoist

There si three different type of hanging for the fix DMK chain hoist :
• Hanging by a ring
• Hanging by a hook (optional)
• Hanging by an 90° eyebolt (optional)


The standard fix DMK electric chain hoist includes:

1. The DMK chain hoist with the hanging ring
2. FEM & ISO certification : from 1Am/M4 to 2m/M5
3. 3m of lifting height
4. An anti-shock plastic chain box for 3m of lifting height
5. Has 1 chain fall hoist up to 2 000kg included and 2 chain fall hoist over 2 000kg
6. The overload is done with a clutch system for the capacites up to 2t included and with a microswitch for one intervention regarding the electric hoist over 2t.
7. Breaks with stainless steel cloche
8. Powered with AC current three phase of 400 V - 50Hz
9. Powered with AC current single phase of 220 V - 50 Hz capacity up to 800kg
10. Low voltage controls at 48V with 1 or 2 lifting speeds
11. Limit switch up and down
12. A line contactor activated by an ON/OFF button of the the hanging pushbutton panel
13. The hanging pushbutton panel 1 or 2 lifting speeds ON/OFF + emergency stop
14. The hanging pushbutton panel cable is directly connected at the equipment, length 2m
15. Assembly of all component
16. Installation and use instructions
17. « CE » certificate
18. Packaging fees


Electical protection and insulation

1. Self-braking in the lifting motors; IP55 protection – “F” insulation class
2. DMK 2-3-4 brake: IP23
3. Limit switch: IP65 minimum protection – 500 V maximum insulation
4. Cables: IEC 20/22 II 450/750 V maximum insulation voltage
5. Non-standard protections and insulations are available upon request


Nominal use conditions in the standard execution

• Operating temperature: minimum -10°C; maximum +40°C
• Maximum relative humidity: 80%
• Maximum altitude 1000 m above sea level
• Environment :installed indoors, free from dust and corrosive fumes
• Noise level : lower than 85dB



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