The history of the AMIO family business

... From the company Bruno LAUNAY to A.M.I.O.

In January 1989, Bruno LAUNAY, an experienced electrical fitter, left GMBA where he made his debut for 11 years, to create his own company specialising in industrial maintenance. just over 30 years old, his journey was exceptional. Self-taught, from a modest background, he started as a freelance electrical fitter. He brought his experience in maintenance to large companies specialising in concrete products, aluminium metallurgy, foundry, modular construction, refrigeration, waste incineration plants and many more. He enriched his knowledge in the design of special machines, removals and relocation of production machinery in factories. He travelled from every conceivable angle in France for the service of his clients. The largest manufacturers of lifting equipment such as MACE INDUSTRIE, SEPA, ATELIER DE LA CHAINETTE, ABUS, PRPS POTAIN, called on him to perform installations, preventive and corrective maintenance of overhead cranes, gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes, monorails, Jib cranes, etc.


In 1993, the first slowdown in activity arose when the LEGRIS group, aiming to reduce its debt sold the SOTEMI group comprising PRPS POTAIN, MACE INDUSTRY and SEPA, deemed unprofitable to the Bordeaux group FAYAT, who had previously acquired ATELIERS DE LA CHAINETTE in 1985 which became ADC. Prices fell and it was no longer sustainable to subcontract for lifting device constructors. So Bruno LAUNAY decided to obtain his own clients with lifting equipment and provide them with direct maintenance and repairs


In 1994, his gamble turned into a prosperous business. Bruno LAUNAY created jobs, but to achieve his aim his company had to be structured. To do this he wanted to change the status of the company and so in June 1994 he created the Sarl (limited company) A.M.I.O. , Assistance Maintenance Industrielle de l'Ouest (Industrial Maintenance Assistance of the West). He structured an internal organisation, became the director and started to look for new markets.  AMIO counted among its customers steel merchants, foundries, plastics manufacturers, mould makers, quarries, construction, logistics, fabrication, shipbuilding, yachting, ports, aviation etc... in the Loire Valley and a little in Brittany.


In 1996, quality had become a key issue. Member of ADIRA (Association Des Industries de la Région d’Ancenis - Association of Industries in the Ancenis region) since 1994, he participated in a programme enabling small businesses to achieve the certifications required by some companies, by sharing the costs of quality managers. In 1998, AMIO gained its ISO9002 certification.


In 1998, the ISO standard evolved. AMIO had to adapt to gain this by continuing to work on a new programme to obtain the ISO 9001 certification integrating the mastery and improvement of various organisation processes. This generated continuous improvement of its results and performance.


In 2000, the company stagnated and was unable to cross the threshold that would allow it to achieve better results. This is why Bruno LAUNAY used an organisation to help him grow and evolve, He called on CEDEC (European Centre of Economic Evolution), with whom he worked for several weeks over two years. Together they developed tools enabling the company to analyse its assets, while projecting into the future. The results were not long in coming; AMIO gained its second wind, growth returned and with this results.


Julien LAUNAY, the son of Bruno LAUNAY, who had worked as an electrical fitter for three years, obtained the post of production manager. He was responsible for managing technicians, different projects, schedules, as well as customer relationships.


In 2002, the drive of the company and its director to be of the highest quality was rewarded by the achievement of ISO9001 version 2000.


In 2003, with the aim of providing the most comprehensive service possible to its clients, AMIO added an engineering department, enabling it to provide more comprehensive services by integrating the company's own products. It therefore had to recruit two people and invest in two computers with TOPSOLID 3D design software and ANSYS, a structure and finite element calculation programme.


Julien LAUNAY le fils de Bruno LAUNAY, occupant un poste d’électromécanicien depuis trois ans se voit obtenir le poste de responsable de production. Il a la charge de gérer les techniciens, les différents chantiers, les plannings et les relations clients.


In 2005, with the aim of securing a position in the AMIO executive structure, Julien LAUNAY decided to train in order to better understand business operations in terms of finance, organisation and management, which reassured AMIO's director in his choice.


In 2007, AMIO saw a capital increase and the arrival of Julien LAUNAY as a new partner, joining Stéphane HASPOT, responsible for the engineering department and Bruno LAUNAY, director of the company.


In 2010, the financial crisis affected AMIO, as for many other businesses. It was necessary to adapt so as not to see the company fall by the wayside. Bruno LAUNAY started a reorganisation of the company and delegated more power, with the aim of working further upstream. He needed to set up an efficient sales department and conduct more rigorous financial management.


The company created two new positions, the first was that of a salesperson based in Brittany and the second a management responsible. Julien, wishing to participate in the development of the company, applied for the job of technical salesperson for the Loire Valley and was accepted by management. Production management was then redistributed within the engineering department. Bruno LAUNAY took on communication and marketing.


In 2012, communication being an important element in a company, the AMIO Levage blog was set up and the AMIO-TV channel dedicated to communication on AMIO's work.