AMIO Levage lifting and handling Jib cranes

The jib crane range is part of AMIO Levage products

With its wall and column mounted cranes, AMIO Levage offers you the most complete range in terms of solutions for handling and lifting loads in specific areas with the possibility of lifting loads up to 10 tons.



The lifting bracket AMIO Levage

Use of our jib cranes

The jib cranes, whether manual or electric rotation, wall or column versions are made to move parts within a defined circular area. This area can be located inside a factory, workshop, esplanade or directly at the workstation.





The jib cranes serve three functions

Vertical lifting of a load in the space with a hoist hook, that is often either a DMK electric chain hoist or a DRH electric wire rope hoist.


Long-travel or steering of the load is done using a manual or electric trolley under which the lift unit or hoist is fixed. It moves within the axis of jib crane's arm (except for articulated-arm jib cranes where the lifting unit or hoist is fixed to the end of the arm).


The rotation or turning of the load in the space is made around the rotation axis of the arm, or by direct manual pushing of the load, or electrically driven by a gear motor. The jib crane can therefore serve a wide circular area with a radius equal to the length of the arm.



Manufacturing of our jib cranes

Handling brackets AMIO Levage

Mass production, using industrial processes, makes savings possible without affecting product quality, while ensuring reliability and using innovative techniques aimed at providing our customers with excellent quality, prices and performance.


The quality of the components used to build the handling jib crane and the excellent finish of the metal structure, in accordance with the certified quality system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, means that products are top of the range, meeting the highest international standards.



The handling Jib cranes' standards

The jib cranes are available for lifting capacities from 63 kg to 10 tons, with arms of 2 to 10.5m range, in the following forms:

Manual rotation jib crane, with maximum capacity of 2000 kg


Jib crane with articulated arm, with maximum capacity of 500 kg


Jib crane with motorised arm, maximum capacity of 2000 kg


Completely and continuously rotating jib crane, maximum capacity of 10,000 kg



The handling bracket maintenance

For the handling bracket maintenance, we operate under jib crane in warehouses or outdoor for a safe work at heights.