AMIO Levage, distributor and installer of overhead cranes, light handling equipment, electric hoists and maintenance of lifting equipment

Our business

For over 20 years, the heart of our work, based on vertical lifting and handling with hooks and the experience gained over the years has enabled us to establish and understand the needs of each company needing to move objects as part of their production.


A leader in this area, AMIO Levage designs and assembles a wide range of handling products. It distributes various essential sets for load transport, such as:



OMIS overhead cranes

Distributor and installer, AMIO Levage offers you a whole range of overhead cranes, gantry and semi-gantry cranes suitable for all industry areas (foundry, steelworks, shipbuilding, plastics, shellfish, boiler works, metalworking, machinery construction, automotive, aerospace and many more).


Non standard equipment are available upon request such as equipment with a capacity up to 150 tons, incorporating automation, allowing to move from one hall to another one without unhooking the load etc...



ERIKKILA Prosystem light handling equipment

This type of handling equipment can be used for workstations, storage areas etc... With its modular design, light handling equipment is suitable for any workshop. This solution is economical, simple to install and can lift loads up to 2000 kg and with an 8m range.



DONATI jib cranes

Whether wall or column-mounted, with a triangular, inversed or even articulated arm with a rotation from 180° to total rotation. The Jib Crane is the reference in the handling area on workstations with capacities up to 10 tons and a span from 1 to 10m depending on the model.



DONATI electric hoist

With a chain or wire rope, it can be used in a fixed position or mounted on a monorail or bi-rail trolley and can be fixed or hung from this.


Lift capacities for electric chain hoists extend from 125 kg to 4 tons, with a lifting height up to 115m for some models. It can be used either as a three-phase 240 volt or 400 volt 50 Hz power supply or 240 volts single phase power supply. The reliability of this product is well established, shown by its ranking among the top manufacturers and its 36 month warranty.


The electric wire rope hoist has load capacities ranging from 800 kg to 40 tons, with a lift height up to 58m depending on the model. It is a sound investment due to its reliability, modularity and guarantees.



Lifting maintenance

AMIO, which means Assistance Maintenance Industrielle de l’Ouest (Industrial Maintenance Assistance of the West) uses all of their experience in this field. With its highly experienced management and electrical fitters, it has gained a large client base over 20 years using a CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System), so that it has a record of all of the equipment it has provided maintenance for. Also thanks to this tool, it is able to provide its partners the advice they expect from an industrial maintenance company.


It is not only limited to the lifting maintenance of its own equipment, but also supports all lifting equipment, regardless of the type or brand.