The handling beam, discover the wide AMIO Levage range

The AMIO Levage handling beam

Whether handling glass or metal plates, sandwich panels, wooden panels or concrete slabs, AMIO Levage shares with you its vast experience in the field of lifting and handling. It provides you with all of its human and technical resources to find the best solution in terms of handling beams.



The AMIO Levage vacuum handling beam

Levage vacuum lifting beam AMIO Levage

You are in a construction site or a workshop working with wood, glass, metal, concrete, sandwich panels etc...From the simplest to the most complex you will be able to find the most suitable tool for your job.


From a few kilos to over 10 tons, we cover all of your handling needs. The vacuum handling beam can be simple, in which case it does not include any movement, just the picking up and placing of the product. The number and definition of the suction cups will be based on weight, size and nature of the products to be lifted. As well as suction, it can be complemented by a rocking motion that is very handy if you store your products vertically and want to put them flat on a table for work, such as glazing and glass crafts in general, whether in workshops or on a construction site. Other configurations are possible in addition to tipping, rotating vertically or flat.


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AMIO Levage magnetic handling beams

AMIO Levage magnetised lifting beams

This type of beam cannot just be used with metal products in workshops or construction sites. The magnetic handling beams is not only useful in the handling of metal sheets, section iron, round, square and rectangular tubes, but also for pieces such as a metal skeleton on the laser cutting bench or pieces cut with the same machine.


From a few kilos, the capacity of this type of lifting device ranges up to pieces of more than 10 tons. It can be simple, not including motion. The number of magnets is defined by the capacity of the beam and the number of parts transported. As with all our lifting beams, we can incorporate rotational movements. The length can be fitted with two motorised telescopes, the controls can be the same as for the lifting device, overhead crane, gantry and semi-gantry; whether wired or by radio. The selection of magnets can also be modified. As you can see, there are many possible configurations.


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AMIO Levage mechanical handling beam

We have two ranges of mechanical handling beam :

AMIO Levage mechanical lifting beam

The first is the standard range, such as single-girder beams with fixed or adjustable hooks, cross beams with four rotating hooks for boat handling, or specific parts, beams for handling Big Bags or pre-slinged loads, The "C" coil, slab clamp, etc. This range covers capacities starting at a few dozen kilos to more than 10 tons on certain models.


The second are special beams, for specific jobs such as handling of section cradles, heavy boxes, mechanical parts, etc. This includes electro-hydraulic clamps for steel coils and for the handling of concrete blocks, stone, lifting beams for very long and heavy packages. This wide range of lifting beams covers capacities of more than 50 tons for some models.


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