The electric hoist is a key lifting element

The electric hoist in all its versions

DONATI Electric hoist

It belongs to the lifting family intended for industry. It is used to raise and lower loads when installed in a fixed position, but it can be moved when assembled on a driving trolley if the trolley itself is set up on a crane structure.


There are two families of hoists. The first one uses a chain for lifting and is called an electric chain hoist. The second is equipped with a wire rope and is called an electric wire rope hoist.


Business areas can be very diverse and depending on each situation, the device may have different technical characteristics. For example, if the hoist is installed in an explosive-risk zone, it will necessarily meet the ATEX standards governing the use of equipment in such places. If used intensively with near-maximum capacity loads, the EMF (European Metalworkers' Federation) directives classes hoists according to usage conditions. It may be used in an atmosphere where hygiene is a key element. Here the electric hoist must meet food hygiene standards. These are just a few examples. AMIO Levage is very attentive to all of these situations. We select the device which best fits all of your requirements.



The robustness and reliability of the DONATI electric hoist

DONATI electric hoist

Manufacturer of electric hoists since 1930, over the years, the Italian company, DONATI has become an international market leader in lifting equipment.


Multiple solutions and the reliability of DONATI hoists provide answers for all applications in every industry area.


The common goal of the AMIO Levage and DONATI duo is customer satisfaction. Mutual respect and trust are the two qualities which sustain their long-term relationship and why the electric hoist, whatever its configuration, must meet the technical and financial expectations of our clients.



The DONATI electric hoist and the international market

They exactly meet the requirements of the international market - guaranteed quality, a very wide range, long-term reliability, security guarantees for all assignments and especially an excellent price/performance relationship.


The DONATI electric hoist, whether cable or chain has a sleek, modern and unique design, the top of its category.


Made with quality components, it benefits from the latest technology for the machining of the mechanical parts, surface treatment, finishing. The quality system is subject to constant checks and ISO 9001 certification governing the entire activity of the company. All of these points enable DONATI to meet the highest international standards and provide our customers with a suitable electric hoist.


The sum of all of these points means that our clients can benefit from a three-year warranty on each DONATI electric hoist from the date of delivery.