AMIO Levage overhead crane end-carriages

Travelling end-carriages

Travelling end-carriages

Moving an overhead crane on its rails, whether it is resting or suspended, is done with the help of a pair of end-carriages placed at each end of the overhead crane girders, depending on whether there is one or two girders.


Each end is fitted with mounted rollers on bearings that are permanently lubricated. AMIO offers a wide range of end-carriages for single-girder and double-girder overhead cranes for capacities of up to 60 tonnes.


The end-carriages are welded boxes, with internal walls ensuring good torsional strength, and flexural rigidity during stress. Recovery plates are welded to the side of the end-carriage. The girder of the unit is fixed to these. The girder also has the same recovery plates, welded to the end of each girder.


To ensure perfect alignment, the girders are then mounted on a machining bench in order to perform the drilling, boring and polishing of surfaces that will come in contact. The perfect alignment of the girder with the end-carriages is ensured using alignment washers positioned in the counterbores, simultaneously serving as anti-shear security for the assembly bolts.


Travelling end-carriages

The GS600 traveling wheels in cast iron are also available in alloy steel where high speeds are required, or where a square bearing is not standard. They are designed to meet the most diverse requirements. These rollers are mounted on shafts across the girder.


The end of the drive shafts are keyed or grooved depending on the machine capacity. The bearings are sealed and permanently lubricated, and easily accessible. They are positioned in the flanged housings on the sides of each end-carriage. Shock-absorbing buffers in polyurethane resin have high technical protection against shocks. They are fixed at the end of the end-carriage and fixed to the plate closing the bottom of the end-carriage. All of these components are fabricated and assembled in series on high precision machines and benches.