AMIO Levage overhead crane LiftKits

LiftKits programme, overhead crane kits

AMIO Levage overhead crane LiftKits

With its Liftkits programme, AMIO Levage provides overhead crane manufacturers throughout the world with an entirely new way to respond efficiently and economically, without having to launch large education investment programs. This is also available to independent partners or clients of AMIO Levage with the skills necessary to manufacture girders so that they can save money.


The programme launched by AMIO Levage focuses not only on delivering overhead crane kits, but also kits for other types of handling for producers or distributors of lifting equipment and accessories around the world. This marketing method significantly reduces transport costs.


Clients using the LiftKits programme benefit from completely tailored support from the entire AMIO Levage technical team and partners.


All overhead crane equipment and components making up the LiftKits are subject to continuous monitoring and comprehensive testing on test benches at the factory before shipment. The electrical box is pre-equipped with multi-pin connectors, electrical cables are also equipped with multi-pin connectors, personalised on each light set cable, which enables easy connection to the electrical box and the various components of the lifting equipment.The overhead crane kit withremote controls are installed by professional with strong knowledge for you entire security. 


The standard overhead crane kits each include:

AMIO Levage overhead crane LiftKits


The overhead crane kits are then sent to you, either by road throughout Europe or by sea for African countries.