Geared motor units for end-carriages

Geared motor unit for travelling and steering

Geared motor unit for travelling and steering AMIO

Used for all horizontal movements, the OMIS geared motor unit is designed with many advantages, it is a "parallel train and hollow shaft," model, FEM classification minimum standard M5.


This is an ideal solution; it is highly reliable, has high torques, high radial and axial load capacities, it is quiet, and maintenance is simple and reduced with its removable front face and long service life.



Its single polarity motorisation is controlled by a SCHNEIDER frequency converter as standard, with a filter and a braking resistor. This again presents considerable advantages for starting and stopping smoothly. Swinging is reduced to practically zero, brake wear is reduced to practically nothing, mechanical failures due to continuous starting and especially stopping are no more than bad memories, greater approach precision, without adjustments, decreased energy consumption when starting, a structure that doesn't suffer. The dual polarity engines are always available on request.



Geared motor units for end-carriages AMIO Levage

The electric motors are squirrel cage motors, they have IP55 protection and class F insulation. The modularity means that each gear can be adapted to different motors, in order to obtain high travelling and directional speeds.


Motors are divided into two families, both have cylindrical rotors, but in the MQ motor the rotor is a flow deflector which improves braking performance and is designed to house the speed variations.


The MEC motor has an external electromagnetic brake ensuring optimum braking, it is also designed to house the frequency change for one or two speeds.


The range of geared motors manufactured by OMIS ranges from 0.37kW to 4kW.