OMIS’ hoist, a high performance level

OPE wire rope hoists

OPE wire rope hoists manufactured by OMIS

OMIS' hoists are recognised today on a European level for their reliability and their design simplicity, which makes maintenance much easier. They are on each standard overhead crane whose capacity does not exceed 16 tons. Our customers' loyalty speaks for itself. In addition they appreciate the versatility and optimal quality/price ratio of these hoists.


OPE hoist trolleys are based on a rectangular frame, to allow multiple attachments to be fitted on all four sides. They can be fixed or hung from a steering trolley for a standard overhead crane or on a static frame. The lifting gear is attached to one end of the frame, while the lifting gear is fixed to the other end of the same frame. These two components are interconnected by means of a shaft passing through the drum. This type of assembly enables great accessibility to the hoist drum.



The large flexibility of OMIS hoists

The OPE hoist is equipped as standard with an electric lifting motor with a cylindrical rotor. It is a single-coil motor, which means it only has one speed. Operated and controlled with a SCHNEIDER variable speed drive, the second gear of the OPE hoist is accessed by changing the frequency from the keyboard to directly programme the converter. Double-polarity motors, i.e. two speed, controlled using contactors are of course always available on request.



OPE cable hoists and safety 

OPE cable hoists

In accordance with European standards, each OMIS' hoist is equipped with a load limiter consisting of a shaft with a strain gauge inside which is electrically connected to a printed circuit board to manage two thresholds.