Gantry and semi-gantry cranes

AMIO Levage semi gantry crane and normal crane by OMIS

AMIO lifting gantry crane

The design of semi gantry cranes and normal cranes has been one of the strengths of OMIS for decades. The reputation of these lifting devices focuses on three themes: robustness, simplicity and technical configuration choice.


Single-girder or double-girder, the gantry can lift loads from 10 to 40 tons. Other configurations and capacities are available upon request.
The OMIS semi gantry crane and classical gantry crane benefit from all the latest developments and innovations, which provides users with the perfect answer to all their needs.


The main structure of our gantry cranes is manufactured on a production line equipped with machines specifically designed by OMIS engineers. With this specific technology, it is able to achieve high accuracy performance in the alignment of the various structural components, ensuring high functionality, reducing wear and therefore in turn reducing maintenance costs.



The AMIO Levage semi-gantry crane

AMIO Levage semi-gantry crane

The configuration of a semi-gantry crane lies between an overhead crane and a gantry crane, due to the fact that it has one of the end-carriages travelling on a track positioned at height and the other one insure the long-travel on the rail positioned on the ground.


The standard range of semi-gantry cranes in single or double girder configurations has a lifting capacity from 10 to 40 tons. Other configurations and capacities are available upon request.


As for the gantry crane, the semi-gantry design meets the same requirements in terms of manufacturing, and they are actually manufactured on the same production line with the same machinery.


The semi-gantry crane can be installed below an overhead crane.This use has the advantage of relieving the activity of the overhead crane and immobilized as little time as possible the operators working at their workstations. In this specific case, the overhead crane is used for supplying the workstations and the semi-gantry crane for handling parts during manufacturing process at each workstation.