OMIS winches, versatile performance

OMIS hoisting winches

OMIS hoisting winches

OMIS has been manufacturing hoisting winches for over forty years, intended originally to equip overhead cranes, today this long experience means that they can offer a wide variety of quality products, with an excellent quality/price ratio.


Each piece of the gearbox is manufactured by OMIS, meaning that they can rigorously monitor the production and quality of all its mechanical components. The assembly of each gearbox is performed manually and with great care by OMIS workers.



OMIS winches are built to last

OMIS has two ranges of hoisting winches : standard and special. In both cases several types of reeving systems are available, including centred lifting. For the standard range, the lifting capacity extends from 3200 kg to 60 tons and the special range extends to 150 tons, on request only. It is a winch for fixed double-girder overhead crane, whether standard or special.


OMIS hoisting

The standard hook span is 10 and 15m, but some hoisting winches have a much larger hook range. They are of course also produced in the OMIS workshops.


As for hoists, the standard lifting solution involves the use of a single-pole electric motor operated and controlled by a variable speed drive. On request it is also possible to provide lifting by a bipolar motor controlled by contactors.




OPE cable hoists and safety  

In accordance with European standards, each OMIS winch for overhead crane is equipped with a load limiter consisting of a shaft with a strain gauge inside which is electrically connected to a printed circuit board to manage two thresholds.