TESTIMONY OF Philippe Blancard

Sylvaine and Philippe BLANCARD current managers of the company AFU (Atelier de Fabrication et d’Usinage) since 2007 wished to give us their testimony regarding our partnership.


AFU, possessing a great experience in mechanical components processing and assembly, wanted to adapt their work tool in relation to their activity. For this, they built a new building and set up production and handling machines. M. BLANCARD contacted AMIO commercial department with the aim of getting the best investment advices regarding lifting and handling. AMIO advised him to invest in an OMIS/AMIO Levage overhead crane.


Today this OMIS/AMIO Levage overhead crane is installed and in use. M. BLANCARD wished to tell his perception and his point of view regarding AMIO. You will discover through the video link just below this article who is AFU, how the operation unfolded between AMIO commercial and technical departments and AFU regarding the sale and the set up of the OMIS/AMIO Levage overhead crane.