Training on the adjustment and maintenance of industrial gas burners

AMIO Levage has run a supplementary activity to lifting and handling for over 20 years. This activity is the maintenance of industrial paint tunnels and cabins.

These facilities consist of a ventilation component to evacuate volatile components associated with the application of paint and varnish by spraying and a second component consisting of an element to heat the air from the fans. This element is the burner and it can be powered by propane gas, city gas or fuel oil. These facilities are overseen by CARSAT (Pension and occupational health insurance), the DIRECTION DEPARTEMENTAL DU TRAVAIL (French Department for Work and Pensions) and DRIRE (Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and the Environment). This is for the health of the paint technician and the public due to the potential contamination of the environment with VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) from painting etc...


This specialty requires great rigour in the execution of our services. This is why our technicians need to be trained in burner adjustments, whether they are gas or oil, but also in aerodynamics regarding allowable and regulated air speeds and pressures in paint cabins and tunnels. For this reason two of our technicians participated in training courses.


This training session was conducted by FORMATION for four days in their training centre.


The course programme was: